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  February 16, 2011 Popular Item! 



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Hawaii's #1 Solution in Providing...

"Unique and Simple Fundraising Opportunities with Sincere Customer Service" 

It is our mission to work with each organization to provide personalized support, guidance and sincere customer service to ensure a successful fundraising program.

It is also our hope that we can assist in reaching the dreams of the youth of today ~ be it providing an avenue to travel statewide, to the mainland or other destinations throughout the world to participate in the thrill of competition ~ all of which will nurture and enrich the lives of our future leaders of tomorrow.   

Thank you for taking the time to learn how Kala Kokua, LLC. can assist in raising funds to accomplish your financial goals and being a part of having the dreams of your team or organization come true.  

Mahalo for Your Support

Kala Kokua, LLC.

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Project Graduations,

Canoe Clubs, School Bands,

Hula Halau, Basketball,

Baseball, Volleyball,

Soccer, Football,

Dance/Cheerleading Teams,  

Family Reunions,  

Grades K to 12

 or the Entire School 

Non Profit Groups,

 Individual or Personalized Groups

and More!!

Kala Kokua, LLC




bulletOther Fundraising Products


March 8, 2013 New Product

 Gusto Smoked Turkey Drumstick 

24oz - 32oz

  Drumstick Heating Instructions>> 


(frozen product - fully cooked)

November 18, 2011 14oz Char Siu

February 16, 2011 New Item!



Simple as 1-2-3

1    Decide what product(s) you want to sell at your fundraising event. Be sure you get permission to use Team Names & Pick Up Locations 1st. 

Feel free to call us anytime >>

2   Contact us to confirm and authorize your event to receive *FREE Ticket Printing available in 1 - 2 days & delivered personally to your Fundraising Coordinator or have us create YOUR CUSTOMIZED Pre-Sale Order Form


3   Start to SELL, SELL, SELL!!!  

Our Fundraising Service Manager will contact you approximatley 1 week unless otherwise noted before your event to confirm your order and to reconfirm our delivery time and location. Oahu Events will be able to add to your order up until the day before your event.

On the day of the event, we will deliver your order to the pick up site about 45 minutes prior to the pick up time. All you will need is a 10' x 10' portable tent or shade location to store your frozen product.

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In the News

"Fundraising firm helps folks raise money and fill tummies"

~StarAdvertiser.com, Erika Engle 07/12/13

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"Easing the Stress of Fundraising"

~MidWeek.com, Alana Folen

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"Maximizing Fundraising Dollars"

- MidWeek Magazine, Linda Dela Cruz

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"CKMS crew gets leg up from turkey sale"

- Garden Island News (Kauai), Dennis Fujimoto

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bulletNO Minimums
bulletNO Deposits Required (Oahu Only)
bulletFREE Ticket Printing (we deliver too)
*FREE Ticket Printing Update: Eff. March 9, 2013

"Sell 50% or more of your entire ticket request count and Receive *FREE Ticket Printing for orders of 200 tickets or more up to 3 products max.

*To help us keep our costs down and your profits up...
...A surcharge of 8 cents per ticket will be added to your invoice only for unsold tickets sales under 50% of the ticket request order and for all cancelled events."

bulletCustom Pre-Sale Form Option Available for up to 3 products max.
bulletFREE Delivery (Oahu Only)
bulletFREE Plastic Bags for distribution
bulletUse of Product Banners
bulletWe even provide a Freezer Truck on site for *extremely large orders at no additional charge to your event! (Oahu Only)
bulletKala Kokua works with your event from Start to Finish!

Hawaiian Translation

"Kala" = $$$ 

"Kokua" = Help






Update: February 21, 2011 New Item!


Kalua Pork

Very Tasty & 0g Trans Fat.  We provide our locally made 18 oz. Kalua Pork - Fully Cooked (frozen product)

Kalua Pork sold in most grocery stores can cost up to $7 for 12-14oz

Redondo's Portuguese Sausage

Tasty Redondo's Portuguese Brand Sausage.  12oz/stick. It's a 2 pack of Redondo's Ono King Size Portugese Brand Sausage (frozen product)

Contact us for direct pricing to sell 

"Portuguese Sausage Product in Hand"



Fundraising Events

Visit our Photo Gallery to check out Kala Kokua's Upcoming Fundraising Events.  We even showcase past events where you can see the happy faces our satisfied and even repeat customers!!!

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Mahalo to Erin Tabali (Music Director) and Karla Yamamoto (Booster President) for coordinating this successful fundraising event!!! Special Mahalo to Gary Matsuda for assisting with set-up and distribution and the faculty, parents and members of the Saint Francis Music Program.






2013 PricingEff. 12/12


You sell  Kala Kokua's Products for $10.00

bulletKala Kokua IN THE NEWS

Mililani Girls Volleyball Club 8th Place / 58 teams, Volleyball Festival - Phoenix, Arizona.

Kala Kokua would like to recognize and thank Val Sato (Fundraising Cooordinator) and Joyce Okamoto (assisting with the event).

Thank you to Kela Grubbs (coordinator) Coaches, Family,all supporters of 

Aloha Cheer Academy Fundraiser

Mahalo to fundraising mom Daria, Coach Renesha and Trojan cheerleaders!

Bandalan Doce Pares of Hawaii ~ Fundraiser

Thank you to Lorna (coordinator), Master Robert, students, family and supporters for a veryk successful event.

Thank you to Coach Jon and all coaches, players, families and supporters of Hookino Volleyball Club Good luck on your tournament!

Mahalo to Ms. Tiffany Nishikawa & Staff at Seagull School Kailua for an awesome 2 Day Fundraiser!

Thank you to Ryan, Jade, Elijah, Journey, Heaven and Grandma Debbie God Bless to all those who supported the Laborers Ministry FUNdraiser

Thank you to Ruby (coordinator) coaches, players, families and all those who supported the Waipio Packers FUNdraiser this past weekend!

Keely (Fundraising Coordinator) and daughter Kynsie hard at work during distribution at Kamehameha Football Program's Fundraising Event showcasing the Taro Pancake Mix, Kala Kokua's Pau Hana Pack & Pupu Packs! Also a huge mahalo to Jackie who also helped as Fundraising Co-Chair!



04/28/12  Now Available!!!

Kala Kokua's Smoked Meat

Hawaii Food Product’s

 16 oz  Flamed Broiled Pork "SMOKED MEAT"…sell for $10.00 your profit is $3.50


Effective 03/01/12: 

 The May's Brand Boneless Teriyaki Chicken is No Longer Available!!! Please pardon the inconvienience as we remove this product from our site information.


02/19/12  Now Available!!!

Kala Kokua's Pupu Pack

Kala Kokua's Pupu Pack
Now available for FUNdraising! 

Roast Pork, Portuguese Sausage & Char Siu
Fully Cooked (frozen items) Sell for $10 Profit $3.50

Effective November 12, 2011 

All Fundraising through tickets or pre-sales must be Coordinated through an Authorized Fundraising Representative in advance to Approve Kala Kokua Fundraising Events & so we can validate by posting in our current events page.


Effective November 1, 2011 

Kala Kokua, LLC  will provide a 

Maximum of (3) products per event


August 05, 2011 NEW ITEM

Hawaii Food Product’s

 20 oz (3 pk) Pork Lau Lau with Butterfish wrap in Ti Leaves…sell for $10.00 your profit is $3.50



32oz Taro Pancake Mix 



Proudly Serving Your FUNdraising Needs since 2006

Mahalo to Kela Grubbs (Fundraising Coordinator) and the students of Kaiser High School who will be participating in Close-up DC Trip!!! Please have a safe and educational trip to DC!!!

Saint Francis Music Program
Mahalo to Karla Yamamoto (Fundraising Coordinator), Erin Tabali (Music Director) and Gary for your coordination and assistance in creating  a successful fundraising event!  You ROCK!

"Make the Most Amount of Money

With the Least Amount of Work"


H&W Palama Holdings

May's Kalua Pork = Your *Profit is $3.50

Smoked Turkey Drumstick = Your *Profit is $3.50

Hawaii Food Products

Kala Kokua's "Pupu" Pack = Your *Profit is $3.50

Kala Kokua's "Pau Hana" Pack = Your *Profit is $3.50

3 pk Pork Lau Lau w/ butterfish = Your *Profit is $3.50

Char Siu = Your *Profit is $3.50

Kala Kokua's Smoked Meat = Your *Profit is $3.50

Ono Ono Brand Pork Pasteles = Your *Profit is $3.50


Redondo's Portuguese Sausage = Your *Profit is $3.50

Taro Brand

32oz Taro Brand Pancake Mix = Your *Profit is $3.50

(*before HI. State GE tax .5% added to the invoice)


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Outer Island Programs

Contact our Outer Island Fundraising Service Reps

Island of Kauai Sherri Medeiros

Island of Hawai'i (Big Island) Davelyn Aniu

Product Cargo to the Outer Islands 

Requires a minimum of 50% deposit by check or money order payable to Kala Kokua, LLC.  to be received no later than

(1) week prior to event date  

50% balance due + shipping will be billed on (Final invoice) due within 10 days once invoiced.

Product Cargo is shipped directly through our Partnering Vendors  through Young Brothers.  

YB Rates start at $42.00 up to 500 lbs of product per vendor.

To minimize your shipping costs we recommend choosing your fundraising items by grouping them by one of Kala Kokua's Partnering Vendors or choose to fundraise with 1 item at at time:

(300)qty. Pau Hana Packs were shipped to Kauai in June 2011 for $56.56  &

(500)qty. Smoked Turkey Drumsticks  shipped to Kauai in August for $66.63

Feel Free to share our 1st Mini 

YouTube Video with others!



Thank you to Coach Shelton, Coordinator Susan, all coaches, parents, families, players and supporters of Impact Volleyball Club!



Mahalo to Rosie (Fundraising Coordinator), Coach Mose (President, Westside Warriors UNLTD), parents and players for a successful our 1st Kala Kokua Pork Lau Lau Fundraising event!!!





05-21-12 Portuguese Bean Soup



Mahalo to Stella Madela (Fundraising Coordinator), Gary Barr and Brian Harrelson for your help to make this a successful fundraising event!!!!

Hawaii Grad Nite
Mahalo to Cherish and her Gradnparents Chris and Mary for helping Cherish rasie funds for the 2012 Hawaii Grad Nite trip to California!!!


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